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Tutorials  Learn Photoshop

NEW! Create that coffee, water or splash stain on paper or wood!

Create that wrinkled, wadded up paper bag look.  Like I did in my Letter Home

Create a crisp wood texture with optional knots.

Create that old photo "sepia" look in three steps.

Simple cut and blood tutorial.

shade any shape like I did with my fish or cell phone!

Rip anything from Cloth to paper to wood textures!

Make your own cigarette, but don't smoke.

How to do a square bevel better than using "layer effects" like I did with my G

Smooth looking vines or tentacles.

08.gif (2455 bytes)
Interface broken?  Tape it together.

Good looking screw, what tutorial site would be complete without one?

Not just a metal plate.  A metal SKID plate!

Chrome anything, well almost anything.

That trendy boxed effect.  Great for download icons!

Make a speaker for an interface.

Learn how to colorize a black and white photo.

Use this to make a GREAT dreary base texture!

Fun exploding text effect.



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