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First off create a new layer and fill it with a light brown somewhat close to the shade you would like your wood to be.  Now go to FILTER>NOISE>ADD NOISE with an amount of 12 or so, with the GAUSSIAN and MONOCHROMATIC options both checked.

**Note:  These thumbnails are just small shots of the full canvas, I used a 300x300 canvas for this effect.
Next go to FILTER>BLUR>MOTION BLUR with an angle of 90 degrees and a distance of 20 (anywhere from 10 and up is good, use your best judgment on what looks like wood to you)
Go to SHARPEN>UNSHARP MASK with an amount of 500, a radius of 0.5 and a threshold of 0
**This step is not required and is an extra**


 Now if you want to make knots in your wood texture follow these steps.  Open up the option pallet for the marquee tool (double click on marquee tool) and put a value of 40 in the FEATHER box.

  Make an oval selection in your wood texture slightly bigger than you want the knot.
Go to FILTER>DISTORT>TWIRL and put the angle to whatever you want your knot to look like.  I used an angle of 800


And there you are, finished.  Without knots this texture is very tile-able!  here are some examples of designs where I used this texture.

Game Boy.jpg
Work Bench.jpg





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