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  This bevel effect is for squares and rectangles only.  Create a new document and a new layer.
Make a rectangular selection with the rectangle marquee tool.  Fill it with a color I chose orange.
Use the line tool and turn ON anti-aliased and use a line thickness that fits your object.  For mine I am going to use a thickness of 4.
Select BLACK as your foreground color and drag while hold shift (to keep the line perfectly straight) from the BOTTOM-LEFT corner to the BOTTOM RIGHT corner.  Now drag while holding shift from the BOTTOM-RIGHT corner to the TOP-RIGHT corner.

Now, create a new layer and select WHITE as you foreground color ad do the same thing on the other two sides.


This bevel is a little too hard, so we need to blur it.  Go to FILTER>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and blur both layers with the lines on them.  Blur them equally the same and so that it looks like a good bevel.  You will have to use your judgment.

This effect is better then the inner bevel Photoshop provides because you can change the opacity of the layers with the lines on them if you find later that you do not want them as strong and it separates the bevel from the object because the bevel is on a different layer, so you can remove it if u wish.  Also it does not look as cheesy and wont effect other objects as inner bevel seems to do..




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