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First off create a new file my file was 500x500 pixels. Then a new layer .  Make a large circular selection in the middle.  Fill this with black. and put the opacity level to 25%.
Next you will have to make the pattern for the speaker.  To do this Create a new layer. Hide every other layer EXCEPT the one you are working on by clicking the next to the layer. Now, using the line tool make one vertical line and one horizontal that intersect at any point. like this.  Make a VERY small rectangle selection at the point as shown 

Note: I am zoomed in at 600%
  Next go to EDIT>DEFINE PATTERN.  Next, erase the two lines that you just created.  Unhide all the layers you previously hid.

CTRL+CLICK on the layer with the big CIRCLE on it so that you have your circle selection again but are still on the layer that USED to have the two lines on it.  Go to EDIT>FILL and use these settings.
So, you should have a circle shape with a grid in it.  Next CTRL+CLICK on the big circle again so that you have your circle selection once again.
Create a NEW LAYER .
 So now with the big circle selection and while on the black layer run a BLACK TO WHITE GRADIENT from the bottom right to the top left of the circle.  Put the layer BLANDING MODE to OVERLAY.
Create one more layer.  CTRL+CLICK on the big circle again.  Now go to TRANSFORM SELECTION.  Hold down SHIFT+ALT, and drag down so you have a smaller circle right in the middle of the big one.
Double click in the middle of the selection to except it.  Now fill this with a BLACK TO WHITE GRADIENT.  This time from the TOP LEFT TO THE BOTTOM RIGHT.  Completely opposite of your last one.  Set your layer BLENDING MODE to OVERLAY.


*Note:  You may want to add a inner bevel effect to the grid layer (layer2) to give it a more rounded effect.

YOUR DONE!  Now you can add a border if you like.  Also you can LINK all of the layer like this picture, then click the triangle at the top right of the palette and click MERGE LINKED.  Which will flatten your linked layers into one speaker!

I used this technique HERE





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