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Create a new document. Create a new layer. Select the elliptical marquee and draw a circle.  Then hold ALT and drag out the middle of the circle so that it will be a ring.  This effect will pretty much work with any shape though.
fill the selection with BLACK then create a new layer and fill the same selection with a light gray.  Or a dark gray depending on how bright of chrome you want.

**Note the black is important on a white background otherwise the chrome is almost transparent.  Yet sometimes ( a lot of the time) the chrome looks great without the extra black circle.  Although if you have layers UNDER the chrome with black under it, the chrome will show whatever is under is.


Now click  Filters > Blur >Gaussian Blur with a setting of about 5-12  depending on the size of your circle.  It just needs to look like this, with dark edges.
Now go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects and use these settings You can play with the lighting angle a little but keep the basic idea


**Note: Play with the settings on the next two steps to get a better desired effect!  

Deselect.  Now this is important....go to Image > Adjust > Curves and use these settings.

Now go to Image > Adjust >Brightness and Contrast and use these settings.  You should end up with something like the example to the left!  I used this for the chrome on the bug on the main interface of this site.  Also for my watch in my gallery.




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