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First, of course open the image you want to stain.  (The particular stain I will be making here is going to me a coffee cup stain on a piece of paper.)  It could be paper, desk, wood whatever.  Create a new layer on top of the image.  
Make a perfect Circle by selecting the and holding down SHIFT while dragging.  
Next, select a dark brown color (or light depending on your base image)  go to EDIT>STROKE with INSIDE selected and with a thickness of 15.
Create another perfect circle but a little smaller and offset it as shown on the screenshot.  Press the DELETE button.
Next CTRL+CLICK on the layer with the object we just made so you get a outline-selection of it.  Now we need to create another layer and select a little lighter brown.  Go to EDIT>STROKE this time with OUTSIDE checked and with a thickness of 2.
Now DESELECT your correct selection.  Change both layers to COLOR BURN with a OPACITY of about 50% or less.
The end image should look something like this.  Go ahead and put some splatters around it or something too.  I used this exact technique on my Letter of War.
Also you may just paint with a brownish color just make sure you do the critical steps of changing the layer to color burn and 50% opacity and outline the shapes.





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