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First off create a new document.  Then a new LAYER.
Make a new selection of  the shape of the paper you want.  (Or you can open an existing design to add the crumpled effect to.)  Fill it with the color of paper you want.  (Note: if you want white paper then you either need a black background or slightly grayed paper.)

Create one more layer. (keep the selection active)  Make sure your foreground and background colors are black and white.  Go to FILTERS>RENDER>CLOUDS.  Then FILTER>RENDER>DIFFERENCE CLOUDS.  It should look something like this now.
Next go to FILTER>STYLIZE>EMBOSS and use these settings.  angle: -45,  height : 1,  amount: 500%.  Hit OK.
Now go to the layer properties pull down menu.  Change this to OVERLAY.
Your image should look something like mine here.  Now from this point there are a couple of things you can do.   They are listed below.
1.  go to FILTER>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and use a setting of about 2-4.  This will give it a softer wrinkle, not so creased.
2.  You can change the layer opacity (left side of the layer palette)  to whatever looks good to you.  
3.  Use a combo of both which is what I used in the image to the left.  Click on it to see the full image.  Anyway that's the best way I know how to get paper to look wrinkled and imperfect.  Works pretty well and its convincing.
  TIP:  If you have text on the paper and want it to follow the contour of the paper.  Create a new document and make ONLY the black and white emboss with the clouds and such.  Save it in .PSD format.  Now when you make your paper and want to adjust the text to wrinkle as well go to FILTER>DISTORT>DISPLACE with the default settings, press OK and when the OPEN FILE dialog box appears choose the saved .PSD of the clouds.  Viola!  Warped text too.  Again that's what I used in the Letter Home.




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