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Create a new document and a new layer.  First we need a shape.  This can be accomplished by using one of the marquee tools and dragging to make a selection then holding down SHIFT to add more to the selection
Once you have your shape then fill it with a color.  I chose orange.  Retain your selection.  Do not deselect.  
Add a new layer.  Then choose BLACK as your foreground color and go to EDIT>STROKE.  Make SURE that the LOCATION is set to INSIDE.  You can play with the width because it all depends you how large your shape is.  The larger the shape, the wider the stroke should be.  Again, do not deselect.

Go to FILTER>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and use a setting that looks good.  Use a setting that has the same effect as mine to the left.  You can use one that has less blur for a harder bevel.  This whole effect is a lot cleaner then "inner bevel" that Photoshop provides.  It can provide a very realistic bevel as you can see in the images I used this effect in below.  I MOSTLY use it for a shading effect however.  Its gives things the needed shadow on them that really makes the object stand out.

That's it.  You can turn the layer opacity down a bit so its not as strong.  I used this technique on a LOT of my designs such as my Game boy, Palm Pilot, cell phone, watch, knife, workbench and my clown fish!



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