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First off make a new document, make it about 500px by 500px  (we will shrink the canvas later)  Create a new layer.
Make a selection that is 23px by 166px. then fill it with white.  Then go to FILTER>NOISE> ADD NOISE with GAUSSIAN checked and an amount of 15.
Next make a new layer and make a new selection that is 23px by 88px and put the selection right under the white rectangle and fill it with R:229 G:160 B:91  then go to FILTER>NOISE>ADD NOISE with the same values as above except with an amount of 12.
Make another layer, and get the color R:242 G:205 B:124  then take the paintbrush tool and a small brush size and draw some small lines on the butt of the cigarette.
Now make a new layer again =) then CTRL-SHIFT click on layer1 and layer2 and take your mirrored gradient tool and make a black-white-black  gradient and drag it horizontally across the selection so that you get an effect like the one shown.
Now on that same gradient layer change the pull down menu to MULTIPLY and put the opacity to 70%. Now click on layer2 and then click the little triangle at the top right hand corner of the layers palette and select MERGE DOWN so that it combines layer1 and layer2.
Now while on that layer go to LAYER>LAYER EFFECTS> DROP SHADOW and sue these settings.
Next click on the very top layer.  Then add a new layer.  Zoom in very close to the top of the cigarette. Take your lasso tool  and draw the tobacco part of the cigarette.  Use your best judgment on how it will look.  Then fill it with brown.
Now go to FILTER>NOISE> ADD NOISE and use these settings.
Now finally what you want to do is add the little band in the middle.  So make one more new layer.  Zoom in to where the white and orange part of the cigarette meet. and make a small rectangular selection then use your mirrored gradient tool with the COPPER setting to make the band.  AND VIOLA YOUR DONE! 

You can also add your own smoke with the RENDER>CLOUDS EFFECT  but it will take some tweaking with feathering and deleting and what not.  But anyway, good luck!





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