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Create a new file. I used 150x150 for this example.  First off fill your background layer with BLACK.  Go to the CHANNELS palette Create a new channel. (do not create any new layers yet)  Create a rectangle selection with width a little bit longer than you want your actual tape to be.  Fill it with white. Apply Mezzotint filter (FILTER>PIXELATE>MEZZOTINT) with value of Fine Dots, apply this three times.
Now apply FILTER>NOISE>DUST AND SCRATCHES. Play with values until you get no dots inside the white area (I had 7 and 156 for values).

Next Make a rectangular selection like the one to the left. 
Inverse selection (Ctrl + Shift + I) and clear the area.
Rotate the scotch tape as you wish SELECT>TRANSFORM SELECTION
Now, load the selection for the current channel, to do this Ctrl + Click on the channel. Next, you need to expand the selection, go to SELECT>MODIFY>EXPAND and choose 1. Create a new channel again and fill the selection with white. Apply the FILTER>PIXELATE>MEZZOTINT filter with the value of Coarse Dots. These will be our air bubbles. Now, Blur the image go to FILTER>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR with a value of 0.4
Deselect your current selection (CTRL+D) NOW, Load the selection from the first channel you created (Alpha 01 if you didn't rename it). Now go to the layers palette and create a new Layer and fill it with white. Set opacity to 17-22, whatever looks best to you and change the blending mode to Screen.
Go back to the CHANNELS palette and Load the selection from channel with bubbles (ALPHA 2) by CTRL+CLICKING ON IT, inverse it (SELECT>INVERSE) and intersect it with selection of channel with scotch tape (ALPHA 1) To intersect it you need to hold down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click on the ALPHA 1 channel, this combines the two selections
Go back to the LAYERS palette and create new layer, fill selection with white. Set layer opacity to 12 and mode to Screen.




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