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  Create a new document of any size you want.  Mine is 500 x 500 pixels.  Create a new layer.
Use the rectangular marquee tool. Draw a long vertical rectangle as shown.
Next double click on the REFLECTED GRADIENT TOOL and in the option palette make sure that the gradient goes BLACK, WHITE, BLACK. 
(or whatever color you want it to be.  It needs to be a color then white then a color) To change this go to the EDIT button in the gradients options palette, then click on the little arrows to change the color.  To add arrows just click right below the picture of the gradient and another arrow will be added.

Do a horizontal gradient from one side of the rectangle selection to the other.

**NOTE:  You can use any color gradient you want.  In the case of my vines I used light green to white to light green
next click EDIT>FREE TRANSFORM and hold down CTR+SHIFT+ALT and drag one top corner so it comes to a point as shown in the picture.

*NOTE: Here there may be some jaggies at the ends of the triangle....simply takes the eraser tool and erase them carefully.

Deselect the image and go to FILTER>DISTORT>SHEAR and play with the line until you get a neat wave effect.
That's it.  Now do the same effect over and over again until you get something like this!

You can use this effect for tentacles, vines on plants or medusa hair.  Check out what I did here and here.



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