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 Well, first off you need to make the front and side of your box.  This is up to you.  Cant help ya here sorry!  =)

Make sure your box front and side or on two different layers.
Select the layer with the FRONT of your box on it.  Go to EDIT>TRANSFORM>PERSPECTIVE.  Drag the top-right corner down towards the middle.  Notice how both corners come towards each other.  Now while its still in transform mode go to EDIT>FREE TRANSFORM and drag the right-middle square to the left just a little bit so it squashes the box sideways too.  Press enter and click APPLY
Now, we have to do the SAME thing with the side piece.  Just go to EDIT>TRANSFORM>PERSPECTIVE and drag the top left corner up until it looks right (use your best judgment) and while its still in transform mode go to EDIT>FREE TRANSFORM and squash it to the right using the left hand drag-box.
Now bring the two together so it looks like this.
Now if you want to add a shadow or something feel free to do so.  Click the image the left to see mine!

These are great for marketing adds.  Your website can look like a boxed product.  Its also cool for downloads, it then makes all your downloads look like products.



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