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Open up your picture and create a new layer.

Take a the lasso tool  and draw a small thin area where you want the cut to be.
Next fill the selection with a deep red and set the layer to COLOR BURN as shown.  


**Note:  When you put the layer to COLOR BURN that the red color will turn lighter or darker depending on its background.  So adjust your initial red color accordingly.  If it is going to be placed on a bright background choose a darker red and vice versa.

Now, somewhat of an artistic ability has to present itself.  Deselect your blood.  Take the SMUDGE TOOL and smear your blood so it looks like it is running down your picture.  Use a brush that is roughly 1/4 the size of your actual blood spot.  Do this until your happy, try to run it along the shape of your object, notice how I ran it around the nose so it looks as if its going down into the eye cavity, or how it is starting to go up over the eyebrow.

(smear it anyway you want, or for as long as you want, make it look like it has been running for awhile, ANYTHING!)
To bleed, one must be cut.  Take the BURN TOOL and run a line in the middle following the contour of the blood.  Run it back and forth a few times until you get a thick dark line.  It wont be very noticeable.  But small things that are not noticed are what give realism.
**The next step is optional

Now what you can do depending on the object your putting blood on is add texture.  Skin has texture so I added some to my blood.  here is what I did.  Make the LIGHT DIRECTION come from the same direction as the light on your picture.
 Here it is all done.  The screenshot to the left is small because I figure you don't want to wait for a 78k file to load so you can click on it if you would like to view the full picture.




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