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Photoshop Gallery  Some Of my best Photoshop work

Note: These images were made with Photoshop 5.0, no 3rd party plug-ins were used.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full version

letterofwar.jpg (463712 bytes)
NEW: I made it because I felt like it
get the 1600x1200 version here

letterhome.jpg (181256 bytes)
Don't ask me why I made this.  I started with a clipboard and it turned into what it is.

clown.jpg (144985 bytes)
Since I made the other fish I have wanted to make another!

phone1.jpg (118541 bytes)
I Found a neat looking cell phone, so I decided I had better make it on in Photoshop!

kershawknife.jpg (82056 bytes)
My pocket knife, its a Kershaw Vapor II designed by Ken Onion.  Included is a picture of the actual knife.

gameboy wallpaper.jpg (524316 bytes)
I made this as a wallpaper for my friend Reece and I

palmpilot.jpg (366616 bytes)
A palm pilot I made because I think they look really neat.
fishy.jpg (118936 bytes)
I saw a fish on a windows XP and tried to recreate it.

thebug.jpg (203683 bytes)
The bug I made that inspired my interface
relicwatch.jpg (179250 bytes)
This watch is in fact MY watch.  Its a Relic Kaleido.  Very nice! (graduation gift from two of my friends)
speakers.jpg (255770 bytes)
A clean sheer stereo with speakers.  Nothing super special, just interesting I thought
workbench.jpg (475095 bytes)
This one is actually my desktop (1024x768)

I like this one.  Its fun.  I used poser4 for the hands.  It is an old one though so its not as neat as some of the others.


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