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I created a document that is 1024x768 pixels.  First create a new layer and with a FOREGROUND color of black and a BACKGROUND of white, go to FILTER>RENDER>CLOUDS.
We need to help these two colors blend, so go to FILTER BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR with an amount of about 5.
Next go to FILTER>NOISE>ADD NOISE with an AMOUNT of 30, GAUSSIAN and MONOCHROMATIC both checked.
We don't want such a huge contrast between black and white in the clouds, because metal usually isn't black and white.  Its a grayish color.  So go to IMAGE>ADJUST>BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST. with a contrast setting between -40 and -50.
Go to FILTER>BLUR>MOTION BLUR with an ANGLE of 0 and a DISTANCE of 18 to 20.  Then go to FILTER>SHARPEN>UNSHARP MASK with an AMOUNT of 500%, RADIUS 1.0 and THRESHOLD 0 
Ok, now that we have our basic metallic texture created we need to created the skid/grip things.  =)
So, create a new layer then make a pattern like you see here.....

(this is just a thin elliptical marquee filled with black then I rotated it 45 degrees (EDIT>FREE TRANSFORM) to a 45 degree angle by holding down shift while I rotated it. I then copied it (hold CTR+ALT and drag) and went to EDIT>TRANSFORM>FLIP HORIZONTALLY to make the bottom one. Then I just moved it into place by holding down CTRL and dragging.)
Simple, make all your layers UNDER your pattern layer invisible by clicking the little eye by the layer in the layers palette.  You need to do this so you don't mess up the next step.
So, this is a cool trick.  You need to make this pattern over the entire plate.  What do you do?  Copy and paste? HA, do you want to finish before your 94?  
So take the rectangular marquee tool and WHILE HOLDING SHIFT make a selection around your pattern.
Go to EDIT>DEFINE PATTERN.  Deselect and go ahead and bring back your other layers.  Now to use this pattern!  Go to EDIT>FILL change the CONTENTS box to PATTERN leave the OPACITY at 100% and the BLENDING MODE at MULTIPLY.
  Go to IMAGE>ADJUST>HUE AND SATURATION check COLORIZE and put the HUE and SATURATION to 0 and LIGHTNESS to +40.  We are looking for a medium gray.
  CTRL+CLICK on this layer so you have a selection of the entire pattern.  Now to chrome our skid things.  Go to FILTER>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR with a amount of 3. 

 Next go to FILTER>RENDER>LIGHTING EFFECTS with all of the default settings EXCEPT change the TEXTURE CHANNEL to LAYER 2 TRANSPARENCY (or whatever layer number yours is) and move your light direction like the one shown.

*note:  make sure this is on your pattern layer.
Go to IMAGE>ADJUST>CURVES and do something like the picture to the left.  It doesn't need to be exact.
Deselect your pattern. Go to IMAGE>ADJUST>BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST put the brightness and contrast up a bit to bring out the whites and blacks in the chrome.
Last step I promise!  Go to LAYER>LAYER EFFECTS>DROP SHADOW with default settings EXCEPT DISTANCE is 3 and BLUR is 6.  Again go to LAYER>LAYER EFFECTS> BEVEL AND EMBOSS and use all default settings EXCEPT change blur to 1.

*note:  if you want a more chrome look to you skid things go to the pattern layer and then go to  FILTER>SHARPEN>UNSHARP MASK with an Amount of134%, radius of 1.0 and threshold of 0 .
(it looked good for me anyway)

wpe3.jpg (125950 bytes)
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