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9.07.04Ah yes, I added a testimonials section.  These guys really needed some help.  So I set them up.  They owe me.

Welcome to Organic Tragedy.  Its just my little corner of the web.  I post my personal gallery here along with some really interesting tutorials that Photoshop users will find very informative!  I invite you to take a look around.  Are you interested in becoming an affiliate?  Please go to my LINKS section to apply!

Thank you very much for coming and enjoy your stay!

-Ryan Johnson

Circles-Holy cow, absolutely incredible site!!  I look up to you!
Entangle-What can I say.  Thanks for your help with my designs!
Rageous-Your expertise on my site was invaluable.  I know you could have executed it better though.  Thanks again!

8.10.04- Now that you know I got married here are some pictures of my wedding.  

8.05.04-  Holy cats.  I haven't updated in awhile.  I got married and stuff.  So anyway I will be updating soon.  Hopefully getting a REAL URL.  Very soon!

12.03.03-  I finally got around to making the coffee cup/water stain tutorial check it out!  Next up:  The folded paper.

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