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02.26.06 - I don't think i will be updating for awhile, obviously.  I have been doing various website jobs and have had life take over for now.  Please keep enjoying my tutorials, but PLEASE do NOT directly rip off my designs!

Welcome to Organic Tragedy.  Its just my little corner of the web.  I post my personal gallery here along with some really interesting tutorials that Photoshop users will find very informative!  I invite you to take a look around.  Are you interested in becoming an affiliate?  Please go to my LINKS section to apply!

Thank you very much for coming and enjoy your stay!

-Ryan Johnson


01.02.05 - Still mulling about, hoping to eventually get something done.  Wish me luck.

10.18.04 - Just small updates here and there.  Sorry.  I have taken a small break from design due to my marriage.  Eventually I will get back in to it.  In the mean time please enjoy my existing tutorials.

9.07.04Ah yes, I added a testimonials section.  These guys really needed some help.  So I set them up.  They owe me.

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